for more than 45 years of experience and accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Smoke damage

Water damage

Container damage



Quickly your damaged goods off?

For more than 45 years Firma J. Lenaerts is the address to get rid of you goods for some reason.
For example:

​- Smoke Damage 
- Water damage 
- Fire damage 
- Containers (with or without damage) 
- Shop Stocks 
- Return Goods 
- Partijhandel 
- Warehouses 
- Complete shops 
- Over Stocks 
- Remnants 
- Bankruptcy parties 
- Factory Parties 
- Damage Parties

Working with Firma J. Lenaerts stands for discreet operation and direct payment. It can be quickly acted as the firm has appropriate transportation to dissipate quickly these goods are then offered in the shop in Eindhoven. Packaging can be customized upon request due For example, brand protection.

​Note: Company J. Lenaerts does not work with private individuals. There will only be working with curators, insurance experts, etc.